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Paintings by Rhode Island artist Barbara Harris.

Barbara Harris


Collage by New York artist Steven Hartman

Steven Hartman

Paper & Digital Art Collage

Handcrafted jewelry by New York silversmith Gina Hartwig

Gina Hartwig

Handcrafted Jewelry

Paintings and Drawings by Virginia Artist Heather Hawkinson

Heather Hawkinson

Painting & Drawing

Mixed media paintings and sculpture in wire and paper by Albuquerque New Mexico artist Linda Holland

Linda Holland

Mixed Media Sculpture & Painting

Han Huisman

Han Huisman

Cigar Box Art, Paintings & Mixed Media

Cut Paper Images and Jewelry by New Mexico Artist Cay Garcia

Cay Garcia

Cut Paper Images

Paintings by New Mexico Artist Lyla Garcia

Lyla Garcia


Hand Dyed Silk Organza Wall Pieces and Cotton Quilts by Albuquerque New Mexico Fiber Artist Renee Brainard Gentz

Renee Brainard Gentz

Fiber Artist

Airbrush and Mixed Media Paintings by Joe Giannetto

Joe Giannetto

Airbrush and Mixed Media Paintings

Handwoven contemporary and traditional textiles by Gail Giles

Gail Giles

Fiber & Textiles - Weaving

Drawings on leather drums by Arizona artist Linda Gould of Desert Drums

Linda Gould

Drawing on Leather Drums

Murals, house portraits, paintings and photography by Florida artist Cheryll Grogan of Gulfport Art Studio

Cheryll Grogan

Murals, House Portraits, Painting and Photography


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November 3, 2018 - January 27, 2019

New Frontiers, Art Ability. Bryn Mawr Rehab. Hospital

Malvern PA

Featuring work by Han Huisman

November 17 - 18, 2018

Placitas Holiday Show

Anasazi Winery, Placitas, NM

Featuring work by Renee Brainard Gentz

November 30 - December 31, 2018


LaFontsee Galleries, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Featuring work by Judy Munro

December 1 - 31, 2018

Levittown Library Exhibit

Levittown NY

Featuring work by Steven Walker

December 7 - 27, 2018

Art for the Eye and the Mind

Weyrich Gallery, Albuquerque NM

Opening December 7 Artscrawl 5-8:30 pm

Featuring work by Linda Holland

December 7, 2018 - January 26, 2019

Outpost Biennial Exhibit

210 Yale SE, Albuquerque NM

Opening December 7 Artscrawl 7 pm, Otherwise call for appointment at 268 0044

Featuring work by Linda Holland

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