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abstract oil paintings-landscape expressionist

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28"H x 28"W x .05"D

oil on canvas . . .

28"H x 28"W

oil on canvas . . .

28"H x 28"W


30"H x 30"W


28"H x 28"W


CLICK SLIDESHOW TO SEE MY WORK. I believe by definition I've become a "LANDSCAPE EXPRESSIONIST." My early childhood experiences were in those MASSIVE FLOWERBEDS that Denver Parks & Rec designed and maintained: GIGANTIC MASSIVE FLOWER GARDENS AS ART! (with a childs-eye view in bright sunlight).

I was fortunate enough to have four years of private group art lessons during my second marriage in Lakewood, Colorado when my two sons were in grade school. MS. Jean Grout studied under Anjelo di Benedetto (1913 - 1992) She taught us extensive design principles, color theory and art history which I believe were equal to or exceeded college level courses. She also taught us to SEE "SPACE THROUGH PATTERNS" or "PATTERNS THROUGH SPACE" which broke my FLAT SPACE style I began at age sixteen. LUCKY, LUCKY me.

My boring resume includes 22 juried, group art shows in Colorado, (then 3 in Raton,NM when I moved in 2018 from Colorado to New Mexico & then moved to BELEN, NM for 3 years & 3 months), 4 'solo' one-woman shows, 16 months in an Arts Center in Pueblo, CO and 14 juried online art shows. Google still mentions that I'm either a Pueblo, Colorado OR a New Mexico artist even though I left Colorado for New Mexico, October 2018 and THEN I MOVED TO EAST-CENTRAL ARIZONA IN APRIL 2022. It's called the "tri-city" area of MIAMI, CLAYPOOL and GLOBE, ARIZONA.

PS. I can not afford to pay those stupid ONLINE REPUTATION PROTECTER services, so if you read online that I have a nasty criminal record or I'm a drug addict, they are lies and I can sue them for slander.

Thank you for visiting my website.....


WHEN I'M PAINTING, I ONLY LISTEN TO Hearts of Space music (hos.com) because it can take me anywhere in the world with music depending on my mood.... just love it. . . . can't paint without it (it's that good). I discovered Hearts of Space music in 1983 on Denver's NPR radio and have been 'blown away' with their most awesome musical programs ever since. WHICH MEANS THEY JUST CELEBRATED THEIR 40th ANNIVERSARY OF WEEKLY PROGRAMS! Their fantastic website is amazing... their GENRE choices cover ANYONES musical choices. .... . amazing! (some free offers but I pay only $13.00 a month to chose all my favorites)

WHEN I'M NOT PAINTING, I AM A PROUD news junkie that constantly listens to MSNBC online &/or PBS Newshour &/or NPR. I used to listen to ThomHartman.com but not enough time left in the day even though his brillance should be @ the top of my list. I'm extremely concerned with todays radical extremism & the threat to democracy.

thanks for visiting my website. . .