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Julius L. Meyer

Painting & Sculpture

Pecos Peacock
Abuelita Carinosa
" Rooster on the Rio"
Jarales Hollyhocks
Sueno de la Curandera
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Pecos Peacock

Pecos Peacock

Acrylic, oil pastel on Acid Free Paper 1987

36"H x 48"W

" Purchased by a Private Collector "

Abuelita Carinosa

Abuelita Carinosa

colored pencil on paper 2004

10"H x 14"W


" Rooster on the Rio"

" Rooster on the Rio"

Oil on Canvas 2018

72"H x 60"W

Jarales Hollyhocks

Jarales Hollyhocks

colored pencil on watercolor paper 2014

18"H x 12"W

Donation for Auction to the New Mexico Child Abuse Prevention Partnership

Sueno de la Curandera

Sueno de la Curandera

graphite pencil on acid free arches drawing paper 1994

40"H x 32"W

Purchased by a Private Collector

Artists Statement

The artwork i create reflects my life experiences and depicting them sparks creativity. How then is this visual display of memories, dreams and ideas, perceived in the minds of each viewer? Is it re-lived some how in each brain observing the canvas? Is it re-interpreted and mixed with similar images and memories of a conscious onlooker? A visual dialogue is engaged!

. . . . . In 2000 a transformation took place in my paintings, inspired by a family train ride (on the Coast Starlight) from Albuquerque to Seattle via Los Angeles. My wife Donna, children Zachary & Alexander and brothers Paul & Kiven saw a Van Gogh show at the L.A. Museum and a Chuck Close retrospective in Seattle. Each peice became more vivid and vibrant on a larger scale. The oil paintings began to visualize, merge and intertwine, with the memories in my mind and transcend the trip, the adventure, the excitement of it all. While painting imagination ran free and i thought how fun the experience of traveling was for my children and for my sibilings. When working on a piece dreams and ideas flow in my mind and mix with memories of growing up in a large family of 11, so with 9 children everyday was an adventure. Family, tradition, and celebrating how we live and where we are from, are also themes in my paintings. I feel my artwork is just the current fractal of visual interpretations from my senses of past and present experiences. A painting has as many meanings as there are viewers. Fulfillment is achieved when a painting sparks a response and the bystander stops and thinks. Its mysterious how portraying experiences informs my art and visually communicates to people. In a way these artistic creations mirror the world i'm observing blended with the dreams i've had. Its fascinating how each of us in our own minds (eyes closed) and our own observations (eyes open) experience life.


..* 1962-68…..Julius (julio) Meyer, his creative career started in first grade with classmates staring at a watercolor painting of a Dinosaur displayed above the blackboard by Sister Eleanor, classmates whispered ....look! ....wow!, ....who did that? The next 7 years at Nativity of our Blessed Virgin Mary Parochial School in Alameda New Mexico were spent creating artwork for the Nuns. With their inspiration Julius painted a 3'x 4' foot gouache of a chalice held by the hands of Christ for Sister Emerica. A Charlie Brown pencil sketch for Sister Mary Lily. A small plaster sculpture of Mary our blessed Mother for Sister Thomas Mary. A watercolor painting of Jesus for Sister Ambrose. An oil painting of a Tabernacle for Father Rutowski and other works of art.

* 1968-72…..Mary Jo Miller and Mrs. Black through these years helped teach Julius many techniques, styles and use of various mediums, acrylic, batik, silk screen printing, perspective drawing, wire sculpture, kiln jewelry, textile sewing etc.. After school Julio and his brothers Carlos, Dennis, Sebastian, Kiven and Paul branded, roped, fed, bought and sold cattle with their uncle, Fred Lucero, at Hanna feedlot in the Albuquerque North Valley.

* 1972-74…..Junior year Julius was cartoonist and writer on the high school newspaper staff. Senior year the art instructor challenged him to read about Lithography and revive an old printing press with lime stones that had laid dormant for 7 years. His art teacher Jim Beasley, made him spend weeks grinding the stones everyday with grit inbetween before etching, Mr. Beasley taught Julius to sketch like Goya using soft greasy litho crayons. That year at Valley High School He won first place in an all high schools, City of Albuquerque Art Competition with his lithograph. He was interviewed by Authur Sussman shown on KOAT tv channel 7, who sponsored the competition. Thanks to Mr. Beasley's guidance Julius was awarded a Warren A. Smart Scholarship towards a Fine Arts Major at the University of New Mexico.

* 1974-77….Julius earned 50 credit hours towards a fine arts degree at the University of New Mexico. and studied under Nick Abdalla, Garo Antresian, Paul Suttman, Nicolaus Von Boudos and others, while in the evenings attended live nude drawing sessions held by his cousin, Frank McCullough.

* 1977-82 …Julius oldest sibling, Cindi Meyer was attending Highlands University in Las Vegas New Mexico and becoming the first in the family to earn a college Masters Degree, so as the second oldest of 9 children he decided to leave UNM and work as a laborer in Farmington NM to help his parents support the family. Julius worked on many different construction sites which has influenced his artwork. Laying pipeline for the Navajo Indian Irrigation Project, many Turnaround Maintenance jobs at the Four Corners Power Plant. The building of the San Juan Power Plant, units 3 & 4, etc., but kept his creative side going by making Alien costumes out of styrofoam wig heads, construction helmets and Farmington H.S. graduation gowns. In 1978, 6 brothers and one cousin received a perfect score on the Gong Show. Julius painted a construction helmet with a visor shield, silver and gave it to Chuck Barris. someone in England uploaded the performance on YouTube titled "The Band From Far Away" click on this link----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zzfDfbxHA0. In 1980 they were the opening act at Galactica 2000 in Sacramento CA. They were interviewed by Carla Aragon on P.M. Magazine N.M. television show about their performance on the Gong Show in 1981.

* 1982-83 . .In 1982 , left construction and moved back to Albuquerque and worked as a cell painter at Bandelier films. Julius was interviewed on public tv about his artwork by Mary Noskin on Accent talk show.

* 1983-85 . . While working as a paste up artist for Graph Arts Publishing in 1983, Julius L. Meyer was jurried into the inaugural Feria Artesana originally curated by Reyes Newsom Jaramillo at the Albuquerque Convention Center. In 1983 he went with a friend to the Albuquerque Hilton on a cattle cow audition for a movie. The casting director, Jane Jenkins came out and turned away almost everyone, then looked at Julius for a moment and asked him if he could speak spanish, he jokingly answered "Si Señora". After a few callbacks, Julius was offered a $2,100.00 contract, before taxes, to speak one line and hung out with Patrick Swayze for 3 days since their trailers were next to each other. 15 years later at a restraurant on Canyon Road in Santa Fe New Mexico, Julius and his wife and kids ran into Patrick and his wife and introduced Patrick to Julius' family. In 1984 he was paid to illustrate the children's book " The Calf, the Caterpillar and the Curandera" for El Grito Del Sol out of San Francisco C.A. .

* 1985-94 . . In 1985 Julius was hired by General Electric and started working at G E's Aircraft Engines Albuquerque Plant as a composites fabricator. Engineers recognized his hand dexterity and placed him on ducts and manifolds requiring hands on molding techniques and manual forming of composite graphite for the outer casings of the F404 fighter jets.

* 1994 - 2013 . .In 1994 He was laid off from G E. In 1994 started working at Thomas and Betts Elastimold on the Albuquerque west side as an assembly processor, molder, deflasher, router, painter, and inspector. There he learned many molding technique's and various processes that he's appropriated in his artwork, such as paper relief prints, injection molded and poured resin panels, hand routed, ground, painted and carved acrylic pexiglass, dimensional encaustic type paintings , assemblages etc., but throughout those years of struggling Artist and supporting a family, he was still active in the Arts, participating in various arts and crafts fairs, State Fair Fine Art & Hispanic Art Shows and shown at Illusions Gallery in Santa Fe, Southwest Impressions Gallery in the Sheraton now the Hotel Albuquerque, Bottger Mansion Gallery at Albuquerque Old Town, New Mexico Arts and Crafts Fair, previously online with Dartmouth Street Gallery and various galleries through out New Mexico.

* 1973.....Nov. All Albq. H. S. City Art Competition, KOAT tv, , shown on channel 7

* 2014.....Nov.. Dedication Art Show, Albququerque Conventoin Center renovation

* 2015.....Feb. People"s Art Show at the Factory on 5th

...............Sept. Hispanic Art Show , Expo N. M.

* 2016.....Feb. Kozmos Galery, Peoples Art Show

...............Sept. First Place Oil Acrylic, New Mexico State Fair, Hispanic Art

...............Nov. Norbertine Communitty, Santa Maria de la Vid Abbey Show

*2017.....Mar. Intergalactic Ambassadors Assembly Art Exibit

..............June. Random Acts of Canvas Art Show, curated Light in the Night

..............Sept. Honorable Mention, Oil/Acrylic, Expo N. M. Fine Art Galllery

..............Dec. Apocallyptic Mysticsm, Los Locos Artistas de Burque, Show

*2018.... Feb. Peoples Art Show, Factory on 5th Gallery,

............. May. one-man show, "Psychedelic Farm" MATRIX fine art

............. Sept. jurried into Transformations 2018 Art Show at Tortuga Gallery

............. Sept. Expo New Mexico , Hispanic Art Show,

..............Nov National hispanic Cultural center Lost Places show

Julius wishes wish to thank his Parents, Maria Rachel Consuelo Lucero Meyer and Julius P. Meyer for giving him this gift of life. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Biography by Donna Meyer.

Content copyright by Julius L. Meyer.