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Anne Louise Coburn-Marks / Thomas-Harbick

Plein Air Painting & Photography "Very Strong Impressionistic Paintings"

Bikini Island Meets Haute Couture
Lotus Of The Eye
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Bikini Island Meets Haute Couture

Bikini Island Meets Haute Couture

Really fun. Venus at play.




Queen Nefertiti

18"H x 12"W

Lotus Of The Eye

Lotus Of The Eye

After Cataract surgery I had light brought back into my eye. Thank you to Kaiser

I tried to duplicate a painting done by Catherine Gill from her book entitled, "Powerful Watercolor Landscapes". The reach of her colours are different from my own.




22"H x 30"W


I was wanting to let you know a few things about myself.

I was very young when I first observed an original oil painting by the famous Plein Air Naturalist, Claude Monet. I saw a small painting which was done by strokes of his paint brush that were completely unlike any other famous artist whom I have ever seen a painting from.

If I could only have begun painting when I had first seen this, perhaps then I would have mastered my own art work by this stage in my life. Perhaps nothing would have changed how much I had wanted to paint like him. But through out my own experience I have yet to feel that waiting this many years has at all caused me to believe that I cannot become a plein air master water colourist very soon.

You can see that my own types of paintings of every water colour has been entirely different from any other painting which I have succeeded in finishing.

So please forgive my fresh start as my passion for painting has finally taken hold within my life.

Coat of Arms

Years gone by but not unspoken. We have a strong tradition of "Amicitia sine Fraude". "FRIENDSHIP WITHOUT DECEIT"

As this Coat of Arms was descendants through the 'Lewis Allen' of Fisher's Island and New London, Connecticut. My family's legacy runs generations not. It actually runs throughout history's historic upbringing.

Our 'Allen' genealogy is printed, written and provided passages here with:

"All the descendants of Lewis Allen of Fisher's Island, are also descendants, through him, of the following Mayflower passengers: John Alden, William Brewster, Francis Cooke and John Howland. They are also descendants of three Colonial Governors: Gurdon Saltonstall of Connecticut, and Governor Coddington and Peleg Sanford of Rhode Island."

"The Allen family is among the fourty-nine "Best Families" selected by the American Historical-Genealogical Society for whom the Society has published family histories during the past few years."

"The Allen family has been prominent in the British Empire and in the United States, its members having played important roles in war and in peace. Family pride is a commendable trait and should be cultivated. All Allens have just cause to be proud of their family history and traditions."

"The Allen Coat of Arms...........is the Arms of the Allens of Bedfordshire; Dale Castle, Co. Pembroke; and Cresselley, Co. Pembroke. Coats of Arms very similar to are used by the Allens of Cheshire, Suffolk and Wilts; Brindley, Co. Chester; The Rhyd; City of Chester (cr. 1697) and many others. The Allens of London and numerous other branches of the Allen family use Coats of Arms resembling it."

"Description of the Allen Coat of Arms: Per bend rompu argent and sable, six marletts counter-changed. Crest: An eagle argent holding in the beak an acorn or, leaved vert. Motto: Amicitia sine fraude. (Friendship without deceipt)."

"John Allen of Dale Castle of Brindley, County Pembroke, had three sons, John, William and Thomas. His award of Coat of Arms, in 1664, was for bravery and valorous deeds in the wars that prevailed during the reign of Charles II, King of England."

"Nathaniel Allen, b. 1699, was a native of London, England. The Allen Coast of Arms has Per bend rompu, argent and sable, six martletts, counterchanged. the Crest an eagle with the wings elevated. It is beasutifully engraved on a massive silver tankard, belonging to Capt. Allen, which was in 1890, owned by a great-great-grandson: Thomas H. C. Allen of Cincinnati, Ohio." *Anne Marks note: This was my own grandfather.

"Nathaniel Allen was Commander of a packet ship, which sailed between London, England and Boston, New England. All the articles on board his ship, and used on his table, that could conveniently be so, were of solid silver, such as gravy boats, cans (used instead of tumblers), porringers, tea-pot handsomely engraved, suger dish, cream pitcher, pepper box, punch ladle, knives and forks (first style ever made in silver), spoons, etc. Many of these articles are still in the family. There is a damask table cloth, owned by a great-great-granddaughter of Capt. Allen, off of which King Charles II dined, with his suite, by invitation of Capt. Allen, on board his ship. It has among the figures upon it, Solomon's temple, with guards at the gates, clad in armor. Also two men in armor, with a staff between them, bearing one cluster of the grapes of Eshcol, and the names of Caleb and Joshua, spies sent into the Land of Canaan, in plain letters over them. There are other letters and figures upon the table cloth, and N.D.A. is marked with silk in one corner, which are the initials of himself and wife, Dorcas." *Anne Marks note: These writings give reasonable allowance of the additional interest in family legacy.

"Nathaniel Allen was born in London, England, in 1699. He married, and had two sons, born in London, Nathaniel and Jolley. The name of his mother has not been ascertained or when she died. He married Dorcas Bowes, of London, for his second wife, about 1726-27. They had twelve children, two born in London. Sir Martin Bowes was Lord Mayor of London, England, in 1545."

"Nathaniel and Dorcas (Bowes) Allen, with their sons, Thomas and Samuel, came to Boston, New England, as early at 1734. A sister of Capt. Allen, Sarah Mann, came with them......"

".....Lewis Allen, bap. Sept. 29, 1747 in Christ Church, Boston. He went to Shrewsbury, Mass. in 1757, with his parents. He married in 1770, Mary Adams of Wrcester, who was a sister of Johnathan Adams Senator of Shrewsbury............Lewis Allen bought an estate in Leister, Mass. of Joseph Henshaw of Boston. The Manor House upon it was built by Mr. Henshaw in 1771, from materials brought from Boston. Mr. Allen named the place "The Mount Pleasant Estate" and kept it in fine repair. He had one hundred and thirty-six acres, including some adjacent land, which he previously owned........"

*Anne Marks note: Lewis Allen inheiritied one third of his father's full land, clothing and estate a the time of his father's passing. His mother, Dorcas Allen (Bowes), lived with her son until the time of her own passing also.

An especially grateful reminder of family member, Mary Allen Phinney: great-granddaughter of Lewis Allen of Fisher's Island and New London, Connecticut. Mary submitted her 'unfinished manuscript' with thorough investigation from years of 1699 to 1954 on our family legacy. Deeply indebted to her for her famous family's fortunate assett in collection of legacy lineages..........She wrote from Arlington, Virginia in her Preface.

Published in the 1954 (?) by 'The Tuttle Publishing Company, Inc., Rutland, Vermont.'

Thank you.

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